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MOWCOMPARE before you buy garden machinery

Buying garden machinery can seem a daunting task with the hundreds of garden machines currently available in the UK. That’s why using MOWCOMPARE before you buy is so useful. Not only does MOWCOMPARE allow you to compare online prices from stores but it also gives access to dealers that can offer more than just garden machinery supply. If you are looking to buy new garden machinery, first select the category, for example electric cylinder mowers or ride on rotary mower, from the search bar at the top of the home page. There is no need to enter a keyword, but if you are looking for a specific machine brand, for example Allett, then enter it here. This will bring up all of the relevant machines. Click on one that you like and it will bring up the machine listing page. From here you can compare prices, read the machine specification or find a dealer. If no prices come up in the comparison table then the machine is only available from dealers. Click on ‘machine details’ and then ‘dealers’ and you will find all of the dealers for your selected machine. If you do not want to buy online and only want to buy from a dealer then just follow the link to search dealers by machine type. Remember to check out the latest machinery news to ensure that you are buying the most up to date kit available